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Assembling Scaffolding Systems

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UNIVERSAL SYSTEM SCAFFOLD will comply with all applicable government regulations when erected correctly and utilized safely. Appropriate erection and use of UNIVERSAL SYSTEM SCAFFOLD is your sole liability of the user. The company's codes and recommendations listed below must be followed: OSHA 1910.28 and 1926.451 - ANSI A10.8 1988 - This material offers info on general erection guidelines. Consult your scaffold supplier or producer if additional information is necessary. Construction - Step 1 - Position your screw jacks centered on sills and assemble the foundation collars as shown. The sum of thread on every screw jack should be equalized. For uneven elevations, begin at the maximum point and adjust the screw leg into its lowest position.

Scaffolding Perth
Step 2 - Select the necessary length of load bearing horizontal and attach to the base washer using the rapid 900 slot. The flat slot in the mouthpiece should examine the fast 900 slot with the wide region of the wedge on top. Hand tighten the wedge\/rosette connection. The nonload bearing horizontals are attached in the same manner. Members B and A should be leveled and squared to another and relations secured by hitting the wedge down using a hard mallet or one lb. Claw hammer. Step 3 - Insert height of Standard. Align 900 slot with holes in foundation collar of rosette.

Step 4 - Build a second set of loading bearing A and load bearing B horizontals on the washers to a maximum of 6'-6 3\/4 rosettes). Secure these items in your same manner described in Step 2. Step 5 - Universal System Scaffold has to be reinforced diagonally in your vertical plane as illustrated. To erect a wall kind scaffold, continue building standards in sets of two using all associated components described at previous steps. When the scaffold height exceeds four times the minimum basic size, it shall be secured using rigid ties to your structure at that elevation. Wall tie intervals shouldn't exceed 30 legs horizontally and 26 legs vertically.

In addition, install ties at your tops of scaffolds which extend one or more lift over your previous ties and at your ends of scaffolds which extend one or more bay beyond the previous ties.

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